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Tavistock Canal - its History and Archaeology

At the Tavistock Museum between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm on Saturday 11th November 2017 there will be the launch of a new book, The Tavistock Canal – Its History and Archaeology, written by Robert Waterhouse and published by the Trevithick Society. The new book will be available for purchase at the launch and the author will be present to sign copies.

Robert Waterhouse is a professional archaeologist who now lives and works in Jersey but from 2002 – 2010 he led a number of archaeological studies along the canal and at the former copper port of Morwellham. The detailed task of researching and compiling the new book has taken him sixteen years, about as long as it took to build the original canal.

Many previous authors have studied the history of this fascinating early waterway but this will be the first true work of ‘historical archaeology’ about the Tavistock Canal. The new book includes information about the railways, wharfs and ports, and the mines, foundries, and other industries which the canal served. Also information about some of the key people who helped promote, build and operate the canal. The new book is lavishly illustrated by survey drawings, maps and photographs including underground and surface details of the 1.5 mile long Morwelldown Canal Tunnel.

Roderick Martin, manager of the Tavistock Museum, stated that he was delighted that the launch of this important book was taking place in the bi-centenary year of the opening of the Tavistock Canal to boat traffic. Also that it was taking place at the Tavistock Museum which is an Area
Centre for the mining world heritage site thus recognising both the
important role the canal played in our past mining story and its value
today as a walkway and nature area. “This book is a giant leap forward
in our understanding and knowledge of the canal, and I can recommend
it to all.

Tavistock Canal - its History and Archaeology book launch at Tavistock Museum
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