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Judo, The Avengers & Me

Chris Gallie (stage name Cyd Child) was a stunt girl and European judo champion. She was the stunt double for Diana Rigg and Linda Thorsen in the Avengers, personal trainer for Joanna Lumley in the New Avengers and stunt double in numerous films (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, For Your Eyes Only, Pink Panther Strikes Again etc.) and many well-known TV shows. Recently, she has published a book about her career which may be purchased at the museum. Find out more in our new exhibition!

Fantom Publishing
A4 Soft Back, 150 pages, RRP: £16.95, museum price £15.00

Judo, The Avengers & Me author, Chris Gallie
Judo, The Avengers & Me front cover, available at the Tavistock Museum shop

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